Case Studies


QMC Program for Fast Food Co.

Client: Major Beverage Company

  • Issue Major beverage company was implementing a Quality Maintenance Program (QMC) at a major fast-food restaurant and needed a partner to coordinate with the 3rd party service providers to ensure operational excellence.
  • Engagement SE Ellis was contacted due to our decade-long relationship with the beverage company, superior parts knowledge, & excellent order fulfillment.
  • Solution After several meetings with the 3rd party service providers and the beverage company, Ellis boosted inventories, improved throughput, & initiated enhanced quality checks, thus providing the service agents with quality parts in a timely manner. To date, the program has been an overwhelming success.

Small Parts Kit

Client: Major Beverage Company

  • Issue Major bottler’s service agents had no organized location for their smaller parts
  • Engagement SE Ellis noticed this need for a kit and initiated conversations with the bottler.
  • Solution Ellis took the most utilized small parts, organized them into a plastic container with small compartments with coordinating parts pictures when the container is opened. The kit has been a hit and we sell hundreds each year.

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